Success Stories

We are happy to announce that the following children have either been placed or have already begun the placement process. Please click on each child's photo for more information, and to watch a video of the child.

While the majority of these children have found their "forever families" as a direct result of Heart Gallery NYC efforts, we also wish to acknowledge the efforts of each child's caseworker and their respective foster provider agency.

A.J. Adiles, Justin, and Joseph Aimee Akliah Al Alfonso Alonza Andre Angel Angela Anthony Anthony Antonia Ashley Ashley and Angel Augustine Bags Brandon Brian R Brianna Brieanna Bryan Byron, Lance, and Alfred Cassandra Christian, Angel Christina Christopher Cory Dakota Damian P Damian R Danny Daquan Dashawn David M Dawandra Deasia Demetrius Derek Destiny Devon Dominique and Tyril Doniqua Egypt Ernesto Frankie Gerald Greg Haisheem Herbie Imani Isaiah Jahsire Jamal Jasiah, Michael & Jonah Jasmine Jeffrey F Jesus John Johnny Jonathan R Joseph Joshua Joshua C Justin Kahrel Kamiyyah Kathleen Kelly Kenny Khadija Kia Kohsianna Latoya Malik  L Marcello and Nico Marie Mark Melquan Michael R Miqel Morgan, Juana, and Dina Nicholas P Nicholas S Nicholas T Roberto Rosa Saleena Sarah Shahid Shannon Shaquille Sharelle Shavonne Tanice Tasha Tashamani Taylor Terrell Travis Tyrone Valentine Victor, Lourdes William Zakarel