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Thousands of children in NYC need permanent homes

Unmarried Hispanic woman opens her arms and offers a family to minors without parents

By: Juan Matossian / EDLPPUBLISHED: MAY, 11, 2013 12:00 AM EST

New York - When she was 45, the Puerto Rican Carmen Rivera entered as a volunteer in a foster care program for children who have had to leave troubled homes in New York or who lost theirs. Five years later, Rivera is the official adoptive mother of Xavier, six years, one of the children who was welcomed, and is in the process of also adopting Nigel, three. "They have brought light to my home," said Rivera, who lives in the Bronx, is not married and made the decision alone. "They have been a blessing from God and have become the engine of my life." Approximately 16,000 children are now in foster care program of the City of New York, according to the Administration for Child Services. Many of them have the opportunity to return later to their homes of origin, but some, like Xavier and Nigel, they need to be adopted into a permanent home. With them in mind, the Initiative Heart Gallery NYC was created in 2006. Through this program, famous photographers donate their time to take pictures of children in foster care programs and then these are displayed in exhibitions. "Our goal is to really capture the spirit of kindness and zest for life that these kids "said Laurie Sherman Graff, executive director and founder of Heart Gallery NYC . "The pictures in the brochures of adoption not do them justice and this initiative makes it easier to find the families they deserve." exposure photographs can be seen from yesterday until May 31 at the Children's Museum of the Arts (103 Charlton Street, Manhattan), and is also available in Rivera encourages more people dare to take the step of adopting and ensures that the process involves a lot of help from the City. "I say to all women who are not afraid to embrace and adopt children," said Rivera. "There are many children who need it and a child is not a burden but a blessing."


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